Well-Being and Healing for Body, Mind and Soul


Expressive Arts/Reiki/Chakradance


Well-being and healing for body, mind and soul

Expressive Arts / Reiki / Chakradance

Hi, I'm Cathy. Welcome and thank you for taking a look at my website. I've been using various holistic practices for my own healing and transformation over the past 15 years and have been to many countries for both personal and professional experience. I am a qualified expressive arts practitioner from the Tamalpa Institute in California, a chakradance facilitator and reiki master.

Healing is possible for everyone. I love to share a variety of unique practices so that you can have an opportunity to tune inwards and listen to your own inner voice to bring about the healing you need. I guide those who are looking for anything from relaxation or stress reduction to deep transformation and everything in between. You are warmly welcomed as you are.

I work with individuals and groups using one or a combination of the following: art journaling, therapeutic writing, expressive arts, vision boards, authentic movement, meditation, chakra healing, chakradance and reiki energy healing. I am based in Naas, Co. Kildare and offer the above by way of:


- Weekly classes and workshops

- Individual one to one sessions

- Online self paced e-courses

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Weekly Classes

Join me for the following weekly classes:

  • Creative Journal Club - Every Tuesday from 12-1pm at the Moat Theatre. Relax and take time out with like minded people while you make art or write in your journal or bring along your own craft and create together. Suitable for beginners. Contact me on or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


  • Chakradance - Gentle moving meditation to beautiful music to balance your chakras and improve well-being. Classes are being held outdoors in a private garden in Naas on Monday mornings at 11am. Contact me on 089 9823888 or or use the contact form for more information and to book.


Past classes and workshops. Keep any eye out for upcoming classes or contact me to join the mailing list to keep informed.

  • Vision Board Workshops
  • Mindfulness and Mandalas
  • Mindful Art
  • Relax with Reiki
  • Wellness Classes using Creativity
  • Mindful Photography Experience
  • Culture Night Community Projects
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One to One Sessions


Individual one to one sessions are offered in the following:


  • Reiki - Experience this gentle energy healing to promote relaxation and bring healing to body, mind and spirit.


  • Chakradance - Work on specific chakras to help release emotional blockages and bring balance to the chakras. This is experienced through meditation and movement to beautiful chakra resonant music.


  • Holistic Practices Consultation - Receive guidance on how to develop your own holistic practice using either art journaling, therapeutic writing, authentic movement, reiki self healing, chakra healing or a combination of the above.


All one to one sessions are €50 per hour.

Sessions take place at Naas Holistic Centre or home visits can be arranged.

Contact me on 089 9823888 or or use the contact form to book or to receive more information on any of the above.



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Online e-courses


Base Chakra E-Course - This e-course takes a deep look at the base chakra and leads you through guided meditations along with powerful practices and techniques to balance your base chakra and reconnect you back to the wisdom of your body. 

The base chakra is connected to the health of our physical body. If this chakra is out of balance it can manifest in physical illness and emotional challenges around feeling safe and secure.

Delivered through email (or WhatsApp) over 10 days. You can complete the course in 10 days or do it in your own time. It includes a welcome PDF, detailed base chakra e-book, sitting and moving guided mp3 meditations set to music along with guidance videos from myself to support your journey. You will have lifetime access to the course. Contact me on 089 9823888 or or use the contact form at the bottom of the page, if you would like to purchase the course.

Only €25


FREE Base Chakra Gift Pack - Feel more energised and alive by using tools to help bring balance and grounding by focusing on your base chakra. 

Thanks to the Chakradance team this free gift is available to help support you in your physical body and increase your health and vitality. The free gift consists of a grounding meditation and a short base chakra moving meditation along with a base chakra health check and base chakra eBook.

I hope you enjoy.

To access the FREE gift contact me on 089 9823888 or



'I felt really relaxed during and after the session and at peace with my body, mind and soul' 

'I felt so relaxed and light after the session and had such a deep sleep afterwards'

Reiki Clients


'I felt free and at peace'

'I felt relaxed and recharged'

'I loved the class. I felt very rejuvenated and free and like I had been away on holiday! It's a very deep experience of connecting within. Cathy made space for us to feel very safe and calm. She's an amazing facilitator. Thank you!'

'Cathy's work is unique. She takes her chakradance class on a soul journey through movement. She provides a safe space for each individual to explore their inner world with music and dance. Each participant both young and old moves at their individual pace. A wheelchair is no barrier to this kind of work. Its beauty lies in its individuality. It is a very refreshing and relaxing experience. The mandala created by each participant at the end has a strong spiritual feel to it. The entire class has a meditative base. Cathy is an excellent and professional facilitator with a warm and welcoming presence. I highly recommend her.'

Various Chakradance Participants


'I really enjoyed this workshop. After a busy week, it was great to step into a supportive space and re-group. I left feeling calmer and more centred. I highly recommend this excellent workshop. Thanks to the facilitator Cathy and all who attended.'

Vision Board Workshop Participant


'Coming to this weekly group has allowed me to explore my creativity, meet new people and form friendships. I find it really relaxing and it has helped my mental health'

'I enjoy coming every week as find the art work very therapeutic, relaxing and I can get in the zone'

'Connecting with people and using the creative aspects of writing, colouring and art work has greatly enhanced my life'

'It has been several years since I made a scrap book with some art work. Thanks to the creative journal group I am back in the flow of crafting and art that I always enjoyed. This is so therapeutic and I am a happier person. I love the mixed bunch of people in the group that make me feel welcome and accepted. It is also a great way to relieve stress'

Creative Journal Group Participants



Phone: 089 9823888




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